Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Visitors

One of our favorite tenants, Gaylia is back this summer in all her glory!  She is one of the many not-so-hidden treasures that enjoy our valley each summer.  She is not content to sit on the couch reading her book though.  Between waking up early and hiking the "king" (more info on this can be found at the Snow King site), heading north to the  Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center to volunteer 2 days a week, and entertaining guests, she somehow manages to hang with our bunnies, bake cookies for the kids and generally bring joy and love to our lives.

She had an amazing couple of weeks hiking recently and shared her photos with us.

very cute black bear (where is mom?) they didn't stick around to find out!

glorious fireweed -- where you may ask?

if you buy Gaylia a treat, she may share her slice of paradise!