Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thankful for Our Visitors

Winter is slowly moving into Spring.  It is 50 degrees today.  I know that this is temporary, and the next snowstorm is around the corner (or over the mountains).

We had a moose in the front yard on Monday.  Boy, she was hungry!  She was so delicate as she ate the small apples.  She wasn't so delicate with the branches, but that is OK with me.  Winter is long -- we can share!

Moose delicately eating crab apples

We live in a community surrounded by amazing people and beautiful places.  Jackson draws a crowd that loves to explore -- the arts, the mountains, the restaurants, among other things.  We had the good fortune of meeting 2 such people (and their sweet cat Maddie).  Corey worked at the Jackson Hole Ski Area making snow early in the season.  Since we didn't have much snow early in the year, this was a good thing!  Sadly, the seasons have changed. Alaska was calling!

We bid a fond farewell.  We are thankful for our apartments, so thankful!  We meet people that truly enrich our lives.

Happy Birthday Louise

Corey, Louise and crew