About Us

We are 3rd and 4th generation Jackson Hole residents that reside on the property. We have 3 school age children. We are very active doing everything from skiing to hiking to road and mountain biking to playing soccer after school. We have 2 dogs, 1 house bunny and 2 birds. We LOVE animals! We love living literally in the heart of downtown Jackson, yet within minutes of the Cache Creek trailhead and Snow King mountain.

We are walking distance from Snow King.  There is a fantastic family-friendly climbing area right at the base to enjoy.  Visit their website to find out more information about this new gem.  http://www.tetonboulders.org/

Annabel and Grant

Grant and I took a nice, dry walk up Cache Creek the other day (May 2011).  A dry trail is a good thing to find after a long wet spring!  This trail is perfect for the hiker, beginning mountain biker, or sling shot expert!  I'll have to write more about this soon!

The Cache Creek trailhead is easily accessible from our house.  For a long hike, you can walk 3 blocks  to Snow King where you access the Hagen trail (named after Tiny Hagen my father-in-law).  Or, you can drive about 1 mile in your car East across town.


Mrs. Bunny is very friendly and loves the snow.  She has been a great addition to the family.

Mrs. Bunny

Tomi and I walked about 2 blocks to the START bus stop on the way to Jackson Hole Ski Area for a day of skiing.  This is a 12 mile drive or bus ride from our house.


Angie is our 10 pound maltese cross pinky poodle dog!  She does ok on the trails, even in winter!  She is on the Hagen trail (the one mentioned above).  This is a great place to explore, all year long.