Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Katie's notes about her trip to Jackson

Jackson Hole Moose hockey game (at Snow King skating rink)
Taking a walk up Cache Creek (minutes from our house)
Wake up Daniel, today is the day you go back to Virginia (:<)

Boo Hoo, our good friends head back to Virginia
We had the pleasure of renting our 2 bedroom unit to a very nice family last winter.  They stayed with us for 4 months!  We were so lucky!  Katie wrote a story about her adventure and I would like to share it with you:

 Last year, my parents notified my brother and I that we were moving to Wyoming. My dad was on sabbatical, and he had a year off of work. He loves skiing, and so do we. But I was all for staying home to “watch the house.” We were going to be gone for about four months, at most. I really didn’t want to leave home to drive for six days across the country. Most of all, I didn’t want to leave my friends in Virginia.

 We began our tedious drive in Virginia, and thencontinued through West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and finally, Wyoming. Did I mention we were driving with both a loud cat and a psychotic dog?  The dog is very neurotic when it comes to big things, loud things, moving things, little dogs, and men with hats. We stayed in hotels that allow pets, not the highest quality either. One night, the fire alarm sounded at two in the morning.One of the kitchen staff forgot to turn off the stove!

Upon reaching our destination, Jackson, Wyoming, we searched for our apartment. It only took a few minutes before we located the house, and half a dozen other places we had to visit later. Since we were in the center of town, we could walk almost everywhere without getting too tired.

 When we reached the apartment, I was glad. I wanted to lie down and cry. Unfortunately, my parents needed my help unpacking. We were halfway unpacked when I heard a loud burst of barking. I looked around, not seeing anything. Then, suddenly something small crashed into me. I looked down, and sure enough, a tiny dog staring at us. It seemed like the puppy was trying to take us all in at once. I looked around, wondering where her owners were. A sharp whistle followed by an “Angie, come!” emitted from near the landlady’s home. I turned my head to see a tall, friendly-looking woman exit the house. The dog ran over, and stopped barking. My parents introduced us, and the landlady introduced herself as Audrey.The next day, Audrey and a younger girl came over to the apartment with coats for my brother and I. The girl’s name was Annabel. (She was ten years old, and had two brothers.) Annabel was glad to help out with anything. She and I were soon to become great friends. I met her brothers Tomi and Grant next. They were some of the nicest people I had ever met.

 Annabel, Tomi, and Grant were welcoming, and helped me fit in to Wyoming life. They made my time in Wyoming bearable, and not torturous like I had expected. I guess I thought living anywhere but Virginia would be terrible, without my friends and my house. Actually, I was wrong in thinking that. I learned from my time in Wyoming, that wherever you go, there is always someone to welcome you and make you feel at home.